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About Sewa Mitra

Sewa Mitra acts as bridge between Citizens and Local Service Professionals required for day to day work or home services based on Geo-location in both Urban and Rural areas.

It is all-in-one Platform that helps users to hire Service professionals such as Carpentar, Beautician, Cook,Aayah, Plumber, Driver etc for long and short term needs. An endeavor of Uttar Pradesh Government which envisions to empower both the citizens as well as Service Professionals purely on local demand and supply basis.

Sewa Mitra Services is an Initiative of Department of Labour & Employment, Uttar Pradesh Government to Provide self-employment opportunities to skilled/semi skilled/unskilled professionals using digital platform, mobile and Sewa Mitra Helpline-155330.

Shri Yogi Adityanath

Hon’ble Chief Minister, UP

Shri Swami Prasad Maurya

Hon’ble Cabinet Minister
Labour & Employment, UP

Shri Suresh Chandra, IAS

Addl. Chief Secretary
Labour & Employment, UP

Shri Kunal Silku, IAS

Training & Employment, UP

Why SewaMitra

A Unique "Government to Citizen" Initiative

An unprecedented initiative by the Government for the citizens that provides professional domestic services which can be easily availed from our Website, Mobile App or Sewa Mitra helpline.

"Self-Employment Opportunities"

A platform thoughtfully curated to generate self-employment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh for domestic work professionals seeking jobs.

"Flexible Service Choices"

You do not have to worry about your domestic repairs now. Services that may vary from a day's work to a longer project,can be availed through Sewamitra.

"Atmanirbhar Uttar Pradesh"

This initiative is an ardent effort of Uttar Pradesh Government to encourage "Atmanirbhar Uttar Pradesh" and accelerate the process of self-reliant India.

"By the People for the People"

Government-initiated services that you can now avail from the comforts of your home through our Website, Mobile App and Sewa Mitra Helpline. This will benefit both the service receiver and the service provider.

"Professional Domestic Services at Affordable Cost"

You can now opt to avail professional domestic services at affordable price. We make sure that the service we provide is worthy of the price you pay.

Search Worker From Your Locality (WIP)

A user or citizen can simply search for required service professional based on his or her geolocation empowered by Google maps

The app would automatically suggest the professionals based on Geo co-ordinates of the user, typically within 5 kms of the range, which can be enhanced further. The user must ensure that Mobile Location service is on.